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Access. Control. Anytime. Everywhere

CardValet is now located inside your First City Bank Touchbanking Mobile App and is available to you 24/7.  With CardValet YOU determine how, when and where your cards can be used.  

  • Turn your card on and off.
  • Set a location boundary where the card can be used (i.e., New York City).
  • Restrict card activity to within a 5-mile radius of your current location.
  • Select specific types of purchases and specific types of merchants (i.e. enable grocery stores while turning off restaurants).
  • Set spending limits for every card transaction to keep spending in check.
  • Schedule instant alerts each time the card is used.

CardValet lets you enjoy immediate access to account information and the power of controlling your First City Bank Debit Card.  

When you log into your Mobile Banking app you will see that the icon "Cards" is now an option available to you.  By selecting that option you can add your First City Bank debit card and then begin to use the secure features listed above.  

CardValet is ideal for users who want to actively manage their cards.  CardValet's inventive and thoughtful approach to card management makes the user experience as easy as possible. Not only is CardValet user-friendly and convenient, but it will aid in preventing fraud and identity theft!