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Bill Pay/Popmoney

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We are pleased to offer the Popmoney personal payment service from First City Bank. Popmoney gives you the convenience and freedom of sending a personal payment to a friend, relative, babysitter, dog walker, or anyone - anytime - anywhere. Popmoney also allows you to request money from anyone who might need a friendly reminder or a convenient way to send a payment. No more IOU's! Popmoney is an easy, fast, and secure online personal payment service that lets you send and receive money just as easily as sending a text message or email.
Bill Pay is a secure way to pay your bills automatically, even when you're out of town. Simply schedule your payments and we'll withdraw the funds from your checking account right on time. Use Bill Pay to send money to virtually any company or person in the U.S. -- your credit card issuer, energy provider, phone company, or dentist.

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With Bill Pay you can:

  • Conveniently request money and send money to anyone - all you need is their email address or mobile phone number 
  • Avoid the hassle of writing checks and remembering to mail them on time
  • Save money by eliminating the need for checks, stamps, and envelopes
  • Set up recurring payments if you like, or schedule payments as you go
  • Keep track of who you paid and how much -- no more rummaging through your files. If there's a question about a bill that was paid, everything you need to know is right there, easy to view online, anytime
  • Receive email reminders in your personal email box when bills are due

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