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Cash Management Services

First City Bank's Cash Management Services are designed to help you operate a smarter, stronger business, meet competitive challenges and maximize your profit potential. Our technology-based products can be tailored to your specific business and industry type while allowing you greater flexibility in managing your day to day operations. Contact us to request additional information.

Our Cash Management Services include:

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Remote Deposit

Our remote deposit product, Premier eXpress Deposit, utilizes a desktop scanner that connects to your PC and the internet. With it, you can scan checks received from customers and issue deposits electronically to the bank, anytime day or night. That translates into faster access to your money and more time for you to run your business. Premier eXpress Deposit complements our business online banking product, Premier eCorp, by allowing you one secure login for multiple financial services. Demo


Business Online Banking

With Premier eCorp you can access your accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any PC with an Internet connection. Available in a secure environment this service is modular in design and may be customized to your business’ specific needs. Demo Premier eCorp allows you to:

  • Monitor current balance information and transactions on deposit accounts
  • Reconcile accounts
  • Place immediate stop payments without forms or phone calls
  • Transfer funds between First City Bank accounts
  • Loan inquiry, advances and pay downs (some restrictions apply)
  • Pay employees through direct deposit
  • Generate electronic debit and credit transactions utilizing ACH payments
  • Customize multi-user security levels
  • Wire money to other financial institutions


Direct Deposit

No matter what size your company is, Direct Deposit is a convenient and cost-effective way to manage your payroll. Electronic payments to employees, retirees and other recurring payment recipients can reduce the cost of paper checks and distribution and eliminate stop payment charges for lost or stolen checks. In addition, employees gain quicker access to their money and the convenience of scheduled electronic deposit.


Business Bill Pay

With Business Bill Pay you will be able to receive, view and pay all of your bills from one centralized, online location. Additional features include the ability to attach invoice and credit information, consolidate multiple sets of invoices, and establish security levels for additional employees. Demo          Login


Electronic Debit and Credit Transactions

If your company or organization typically receives or makes repetitive payments, you can realize considerable savings and enhance cash flow with our electronic money transfer service.

  • Eliminate cost of bill preparations
  • Make prompt, timely payments and disbursements
  • Gain better control over your receivable operation
  • Faster conversion of receivables into available cash


Electronic Cash Concentration & Depository Transfer

We provide the capability to electronically move funds deposited at other banks into your account at First City Bank. Businesses or organizations with multiple deposit locations can transfer funds electronically and have them available on the next business day. Electronic concentration can eliminate costs associated with wire transfers, idle balances and burdensome internal processing.


Business Sweep Account

You can help maximize your return on investable cash with First City Bank’s overnight investment service. The surplus balances from your operating account can be automatically invested overnight. Funds are then transferred back and forth as necessary, to cover checks and invest new excess funds, ensuring that every extra investable dollar is working for you.


Lockbox (Coming Soon)

Enjoy same-day processing and deposit with our lockbox mail collection processing. At the lockbox processing center, we will receive and deposit items for you, then transmit all payment information to your accounts receivable system. Through our Web-based service, you have access to daily reports including deposit totals as well as check and document images. Our lockbox services reduce your receivables cycle and accelerate access to your funds and data.


Wire Transfers

Through our Online Banking product, Premier eCorp, you can initiate both foreign and domestic wire transfer requests. Wire transfers allow the time-critical movement of funds between an account at First City Bank and an account at a destination bank.


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